Caring for the Stranger in our Midst

Caring for the Stranger in our Midst

By James Watson and Mark Chapman


The Bible is pretty clear about the church’s responsibility to “strangers.” Recent research in Toronto reveals how—and why—churches are developing new ministries to recent arrivals in Canada.

Did you know? More than 70% of Toronto residents were either born in a different country, or have at iwasastrangerleast one parent who was born outside of Canada? And, more relevant to readers of good idea!, how do Canadian churches relate to immigrants? Earlier in 2014, we decided to find out.

We conducted four focus groups made up of leaders of ministries serving immigrants, foreign workers, refugees and international students in the GTA. Seventeen different individuals (nine women and eight men) from at least ten different denominations, representing at least nine different ethnicities, shared what they are doing and learning in their efforts to help immigrants and refugees setting and integrate into Canadian society.



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