United States of America

United States of America

The United States is located in North America, south of Canada and north of Mexico. One of the country’s 50 states, Hawaii, is found in the Pacific Ocean. The United States controls a number of small islands in the Caribbean and the Pacific. It is the third-largest country in the world.

Quick Facts

Population: 329.256 million
Ethnic Groups: White 72.4%, black 12.6%, Asian 4.8%, Amerindian and Alaska native 0.9%, native Hawaiian and other Pacific islander 0.2%, other 6.2%, two or more races 2.9% (2010 est.)
Languages: English only 78.2%, Spanish 13.4%, Chinese 1.1%, other 7.3% (2017 est.)
Religions: Protestant 46.5%, Roman Catholic 20.8%, Jewish 1.9%, Mormon 1.6%, other Christian 0.9%, Muslim 0.9%, Jehovah’s Witness 0.8%, Buddhist 0.7%, Hindu 0.7%, other 1.8%, unaffiliated 22.8%, don’t know/refused 0.6% (2014 est.)

Capital: Washington D.C.
CIA: The World Factbook — Last Updated December 26, 2019

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For decades following World War II, the United States was the leading economic and military power in the world. It is still widely regarded as the world’s most powerful country but is no longer considered as dominant as it once was. Today, America is a nation of great diversity. There are thirty-one different ethnic groups with a population of at least 1 million people in the United States. Freedom of religion is written into the constitution and the principle of separation of church and state is intended to protect both. American culture has been strongly shaped by Christianity, but America today is much more secular than it was in the past.