United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a collection of islands in northwestern Europe. England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland together make up Great Britain. The United Kingdom is separated from mainland Europe by the English Channel, but the two are connected by the Channel Tunnel, which opened in 1994. The UK’s head of state is Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning monarch, but much of the day-to-day governing is delegated to the parliament.

Quick Facts

Population: 65.105 million
Ethnic Groups: White (87.2%), Black/African/Caribbean/Black British (3%), Asian/Asian British: Indian (2.3%), Asian/Asian British: Pakistani (1.9%), Mixed (2%), Other (3.7%)
Languages: English
Religions: Christian (59.5%), Muslim (4.4%), Hindu (1.3%), Other (2%), Unspecified (7.2%), None (25.7%)
Capital: London
CIA: The World Factbook — Last Updated December 26, 2019

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Although the UK lost its place as the world’s top power after World War II, it continues to have a significant amount of international influence due to its political and cultural power. The UK has hit quite hard by the recent economic recession beginning in 2008. The UK has been Christian for centuries, but religious expression is being threatened by pluralism. Indeed, the media and public are increasingly marginalizing Christianity. The Church of England (Anglican) is recognized as the Established Church in England. The Church of Scotland (Presbyterian) is recognized in Scotland. Freedom of religion exists.