Turkey is located in the Middle East. 97% of the country (Anatolia) lies in Asia and 3% (Thrace) is in Europe.

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Population: 81.257 million
Ethnic Groups: Turkish (70%—75%), Kurdish (19%), other minorities (7% – 12%)
Languages: Turkish (Official), Kurdish, other minority languages
Religions: Muslim (99.8% – mostly Sunni), Other (0.2%)
Capital: Ankara
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Kurds, which comprise slightly less than one-fifth of Turkey’s population, have long struggled for ethnic recognition. Conflicts between Kurds and the government claimed over 30,000 lives since the early 1980s, but the intensity of these conflicts was significantly reduced in 1999. Legal reforms in the early 2000s also improved life for Kurds. The vast majority of the Turkish population is Muslim, but there has been great disagreement between the Islamists and secularists about the role of religion in government and the public sphere. There is freedom of religion, but this is sometimes not upheld (for example, several Christian evangelists who converted from Islam have been legally tried for the crime of “insulting Turkishness”).