Thailand is found in Southeast Asia. Thailand borders the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand to the south. The country shares land boundaries with Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia. Northeast Thailand is prone to droughts because it is located in the rainshadow of Indochina’s mountains.

Quick Facts

Population: 68.616 million
Ethnic Groups: Thai (97.5%), Burmese (1.3%), Other (1.1%), Unspecified (<0.1%)
Languages: Thai (Official) (90.7%), Burmese (1.3%), Other (8%)
Religions: Buddhist (Official) (94.6%), Muslim (4.3%), Christian (1%), Other (<0.1%), None (<0.1%)
Capital: Bangkok
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Approximately two-thirds of people in Thailand live in rural areas, but this number is decreasing. Thailand’s standard of living is slightly better than the average country in the world, and people in the middle class are able to afford things like televisions, stereos, and DVDs. Although the country is rapidly developing, it faces a number of social problems that must be dealt with. Buddhism is a part of the Thai national identity; it is a part of every level of society and culture. Buddhist temples were once the primary source of both religious and secular knowledge, but Thailand transitioned to Western-style education in the early 1900s. Freedom of religion is guaranteed, but new religious groups will only have legal recognition if they fall under a government-recognized umbrella network.