Sweden is located on the Scandinavian Peninsula of Northern Europe, between Norway and Finland. Although Sweden is quite far north, its temperatures are not as low as one might expect, due to the North Atlantic Drift.

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Population: 10.041 million
Ethnic Groups: Swedish (80.9%), Syrian (1.8%), Finnish (1.4%), Iraqi (1.4%), Other (14.5%)
Languages: Swedish (Official); Official Minority Languages (Sami, Finnish, Romani, Yiddish, Meankeli)
Religions: Church of Sweden (Lutheran) (60.2%), Other (8.5%), None or Unspecified (31.3%)
Capital: Stockholm
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Sweden is a highly developed country where the standard of living is extremely high. High taxes fund a massive social welfare system. Sweden has enjoyed 70 years of social democracy. Lutheranism was the state religion until 2000 and the Church of Sweden was the State Church. The reason such a high percentage of the population belongs to the Church of Sweden is due to the fact that historically, people automatically became members at birth (although they were allowed to disaffiliate). Today, Sweden is becoming increasingly secular and the size of the Church of Sweden continues shrinking. There is complete freedom of religion.