South Korea

South Korea

South Korea is located in eastern Asia, between China and Japan. South Korea borders North Korea, and three sides of the country are surrounded by the seas.

Quick Facts

Population: 51.418 million
Ethnic Groups: Korean, Foreign workers mainly from China and South Asian countries.
Languages: Korean (official), English (widely taught in junior high and high school)
Religions: Protestant (19.7%), Buddhist (15.5%), Catholic (7.9%), None (56.9%)
Capital: Seoul
CIA: The World Factbook — Last Updated December 27, 2019

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South Korea was a poor nation in 1953, but transformed into one of the world’s largest economies through rapid industrialization. Today, South Korea has a highly educated workforce. Despite the recent success (especially economic success) of South Korea, the issue of North Korea cannot be ignored. Any conflict with North Korea would immediately affect millions. There is complete religious freedom in South Korea. Although the growth of the Korean Church has stagnated as of late, Christians still make up a significant portion of South Korea’s population. South Korea is also home to a sizable Buddhist population, while others adhere to Confucianism or other religions.