Singapore is a city-state in South Asia. It consists of one main island and 54 smaller islands south of Peninsular Malaysia. The water surrounding the islands helps to moderate the temperature.

Quick Facts

Population: 5.996 million
Ethnic Groups: Chinese (74.3%), Malay (13.4%), Indian (9.1%), Other (3.2%)
Languages: Mandarin (Official) (36.3%), English (Official) (29.8%), Malay (Official) (11.9%), Hokkien (8.1%), Cantonese (4.1%), Tamil (Official) (3.2%), Teochew (3.2%), other Indian languages (1.2%), other Chinese dialects (1.1%), Other (1.1%)
Religions: Buddhist (33.9%), Muslim (14.3%), Taoist (11.3%), Catholic (7.1%), Hindu (5.2%), other Christian (11%), Other (0.7%), None (16.4%) (2010 est.)
CIA: The World Factbook — Last Updated December 27, 2019

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Singapore, which became independent in 1965, is known as the cleanest and greenest city in Asia. Its strategic position, large port, and export-dependent economy has made it one of the world’s great commercial centres. Its booming economy has led to a higher standard of living for its citizens, but also a rise in materialism. There is freedom of religion in Singapore. Religious harmony is one of the government’s priorities, as there are people of many different religious backgrounds living in Singapore.