Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

St. Vincent and the Grenadines are islands located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. They are found north of Trinidad and Tobago.

Quick Facts

Population: 101,844
Ethnic Groups: African descent (81.2%), Mixed (23%), Indigenous (3%), East Indian/Indian (1.1%), European (1.5%), Other 0.2%)
Languages: English, Vincent Creole English, French Patois
Religions: Protestant (75%), Roman Catholic (6.3%), Rastafarian (1.1%), Jehovah’s Witness (0.8%), Other (4.7%), None (7.5%), Unspecified (4.7%)
Capital: Kingstown
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Grenadians in Canada

Grenadian Population in Canada


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St. Vincent and the Grenadines became independent in 1979. St. Vincent is covered in banana plantations; the economy relies heavily on banana production. The Grenadines rely more on tourism. There is a lot of poverty in the country due to high unemployment. There is complete freedom of religion; most of the population identifies as Christian.