Romania is found in southeast Europe. Romania shares borders with Bulgaria, Serbia, and Montenegro to the south; Hungary to the west; and Moldova to the northeast; and Ukraine to the north. Romania’s eastern coastline is on the Black Sea — this helps moderate the temperatures.

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Population: 21.457 million
Ethnic Groups: Romanian (83.4%), Hungarian (6.1%), Romani (3.1%), Ukrainian (0.3%), German (0.2%), Other (0.7%), Unspecified (6.1%)
Languages: Romanian (Official) (85.4%), Hungarian (6.3%), Romani (1.2%), Other (1%), Unspecified (6.1%)
Religions: Eastern Orthodox (81.9%), Protestant (6.4%), Roman Catholic (4.3%), Other (0.9%), Atheist (0.2%), Unspecified (6.3%)
Capital: Bucharest
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Communist control of Romania ended in 1989. Since then, economic reform was slow, but progress was made and Romania entered the European Union in 2007. Today, most Romanians identify as Orthodox. Although Romania is officially a secular state, the Orthodox Church remains dominant and religion continues to play a significant role in society. The Romanian Orthodox Church also has a significant presence outside of Romania. There are approximately 250 Romanian Orthodox churches in Europe and North America.