Portugal is located in southwestern Europe, in the west end of the Iberian Peninsula. Portugal borders the North Atlantic Ocean to the west and Spain to the east. Its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean keeps its climate temperate.

Quick Facts

Population: 10.355 million
Ethnic Groups: Mediterranean, Black African, European
Languages: Portuguese (Official), Mirandese (Official)
Religions: Roman Catholic (81%), other Christian (3.3%), Other (0.6%), None (6.8%), Unspecified (8.3%)
Capital: Lisbon
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Portugal has a weaker economy than most of its European counterparts, but it still enjoys a much higher standard of living that most countries around the world. Portugal has had freedom of religion since 1974 and separation of church and state since 1976. Nevertheless, Catholicism continues to have a massive impact on life in Portugal. For example, Roman Catholics in Portugal are allowed to designate 0.5% of their income tax to the Catholic Church, and almost everybody is baptized and married in the Church.