Pakistan is found in South Asia, to the north of the Arabian Sea. Pakistan has been in many conflicts with India as to the ownership of the northern parts of Jammu and Kashmir.

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Population: 207.863 million
Ethnic Groups: Punjabi (44.7%), Pashtun (15.4%), Sindhi (14.1%), Sariaki (8.4%), Muhajirs (7.6%), Balochi (3.6%), Other (6.3%)
Languages: Punjabi (48%), Sindhi (12%), Saraiki (10%), Pashto (8%), Urdu (Official) (8%), Balochi (3%), Hindko (2%), Brahui (1%), English (Official), Other (8%)
Religions: Muslim (Official) [96.4%: Sunni (85 – 90%), Shia (10 – 15%)], Other (includes Christian and Hindu) (3.6%)
Capital: Islamabad
CIA: The World Factbook — Last Updated December 27, 2019

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Pakistan’s population consists of a complex arrangement of different ethnic groups, languages, and castes. The country is an Islamic Republic with a Sunni majority. Islamic festivals such as Id-ul-Fitr and Bakr-Id are celebrated. Religious fundamentalism is driven by the Taliban and much of the country is controlled by extremists who apply shari’a law. Consequently, women have almost no rights or freedoms, blasphemy (“defaming” the prophet Mohammed) is punishable by death, and Christians (and other religious minorities) face persecution and violence.