Located in Central America, Nicaragua is found between Honduras and Costa Rica. Nicaragua also borders the North Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. This is important to the country’s fishing industry as most of the fish exported from Nicaragua are caught in the Caribbean Sea.

Quick Facts

Population: 6.085 million
Ethnic Groups: Mestizo (mixed Amerindian and white) (69%), White (17%), Black (9%), Amerindian (5%)
Languages: Spanish (Official) (95.3%), Miskito (2.2%), Mestizo of the Caribbean coast (2%), Other (0.5%)
Religions: Roman Catholic (50.0%), Evangelical (33.2%), Other (2.9%), Unspecified (13.2%), None (0.7%)
Capital: Managua
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Nicaragua is one of the world’s poorer countries, largely as a result of the civil war and Marxist economics of the 1980s. However, since 1991, the government has taken a more balanced approach and there has been some economic progress. There is potential for more growth due to fertile soil and natural resources. The Nicaraguan population is mostly Catholic. Nicaraguans in urban areas, and those who belong to the middle or upper class, are more likely to attend mass. Since 1990, there has been complete religious freedom.