Morocco is found at the northwest corner of Africa. Morocco borders the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, and the Western Sahara. Morocco also shares borders with Algeria and Mauritania. The country is separated from Spain by the Strait of Gibraltar.

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Population: 34.314 million
Ethnic Groups: Arab-Berber (99%), Other (1%)
Languages: Arabic (Official), Berber languages (Tamazight (Official)), Tachelhit, Tarifit), French (preferred language of business, government, and diplomacy)
Religions: Muslim (Official) (99%), Christian (1%), Jewish (about 6,000)
Capital: Rabat
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Morocco has been independent since 1956 and has occupied the Western Sahara since 1975. This was followed by conflict, and Morocco intends to continue holding on to this territory despite pressure from the international community. Sunni Islam is the state religion in Morocco. Almost the entire population is Muslim, although some of them do not practice all aspects of the faith. Christians and Jews are tolerated, but their religious freedoms are eroding. Christians are allowed to talk about Christ, but Christian activity is carefully monitored by authorities. Some Christians have been accused of trying to convert Muslims, and were imprisoned.