Lausanne Occasional Paper — 55

Lausanne Occasional Paper — 55

Diasporas and International Students: The New People Next Door


This publication is about the opportunities and challenges presented to Christians by the presence of people from different countries, who are now living near them. It is written for vicars, pastors and other leaders of Christian congregations and ministries. It describes the findings of about 50 people who discussed this subject at the Lausanne 2004 Forum for World Evangelization in Thailand in October 2004. They wanted this message to be conveyed to all churches and ministries who are faced with these opportunities and challenges. The movement of peoples in our world creates many new challenges. The word ‘Diaspora’ meaning ‘a scattering’ is used to describe this large-scale movement of people from their homeland to settle permanently or temporarily in other countries.



lausanne, diaspora, international students

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