Ethnic Diversity Survey

Ethnic Diversity Survey

Ethnic Diversity Survey: Portrait of a Multicultural Society

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“Canada is a multicultural society whose ethno-cultural composition has been shaped over time by different waves of immigrants and their descendents, as well as by the Aboriginal peoples of the country. Each new wave of immigrants has added to its diversity. Canada welcomed more than 13.4 million immigrants during the past century, the largest number having arrived during the 1990s. According to the 2001 Census, 18.4% of the population was born outside Canada, the highest proportion in 70 years. As well, the sources of immigrants to Canada have changed in recent decades, with increasing numbers coming from non-European countries. These immigrants and their children are adding to the ethno-cultural make-up of Canada’s population, making it one of the most ethnically diverse nations in the world. This article presents some key findings from a new survey, the Ethnic Diversity Survey (EDS). It examines Canada’s ethno-cultural mosaic in 2002, providing a portrait of the different generations of Canadians who today make up this country. It also analyses the level of attachment that people in the different generations and ethnic groups have to their own ethno-cultural backgrounds and to the broader Canadian society.”


ethnic profiles, country profiles, language, demographics, diaspora, displaced, intercultural, diversity, cross-cultural, new Canadians, immigrant, refugee, migrant, migrant worker, temporary worker

Ethnic Diversity Survey - Portrait of a Multicultural Society - Statistics (Cat. no. 89-593-XIE)

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