Cuba is a long, narrow-shaped island in the Caribbean Sea. It is the largest island in the Caribbean. One benefit of Cuba’s geographical location is that many tourists pass through. Tourism is becoming more and more important to the Cuban economy.

Quick Facts

Population: 11.116 million
Ethnic Groups: White (64.1%), mulatto and mestizo (26.6%), Black (9.3%)
Languages: Spanish (Official)
Religions: Christian (59.2%), Folk (17.4%), Other (0.4%), None (23.0%)
Capital: Havana
CIA: The World Factbook — Last Updated December 29, 2019

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Under the earlier years of Communist rule, there was strict control of church activities and little religious freedom. Although Cuba is still a Communist country, this pressure has decreased since 1990 and Cuba is now a secular state where discrimination against Christians is illegal. Despite this, discrimination continues because the growth of the church is often seen as a threat to the stability of the regime; religion is considered “anti-revolutionary”.