Colombia is located in the northwestern corner of South America. An interesting fact about Colombia is that it is the only country in South America with both Atlantic and Pacific Ocean coastlines. Colombia shares borders with Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, and Venezuela.

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Population: 48.169 million
Ethnic Groups: Mestizo and White (87.8%), Afro-Colombian (6.8%), Amerindian (4.3%), Unspecified (1.4%)
Languages: Spanish (Official)
Religions: Catholic (79%), Protestant (14%), Other (2%), Unspecified (5%)
Capital: Bogotá
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Colombia has enjoyed economic stability despite a turbulent political history. In the 20th century, there was violence and conflict, but in the early 2000s the government took a hard line on terrorism. This helped pave the way to political stability, and all sides have demilitarized to some degree as a result of the peace process.Most Colombians identify as Catholics; Roman Catholicism has long been a part of Colombian culture. The major Catholic holidays (such as Easter) are celebrated, and most Colombians observe Catholic practices such as baptism, First Communion, and Catholic weddings and burials. There had been persecution and discrimination against religious minorities in the past, but the 1991 constitution gave more freedom to religious minorities.