China is located in eastern Asia, surrounded by fourteen other countries and the East China Sea. China is the world’s fourth-largest country, and although it geographically covers five time zones, the entire country goes by UTC+08:00.

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Population: 1.385 billion
Ethnic Groups: Han Chinese (91.6%), Zhuang (1.3%), Other (7.1%)
Languages: Mandarin/Chinese (Official), Yue (Cantonese), Wu (Shanghainese), Minbei (Fuzhou), Minnan (Hokkien-Taiwanese), Xiang, Gan, Hakka dialects, Minority Languages
Religions: Buddhist (18.2%), Christian (5.1%), Muslim (1.8%), Folk Religion (21.9%), Hindu (<0.1%), Jewish (<0.1%), Other (0.7%), Unaffiliated (52.2%)
Capital: Beijing
CIA: The World Factbook — Last Updated December 29, 2019

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Since the 1990s, extensive reforms have occurred in China. It is now the world’s fastest-growing economy. With the world’s largest population, China produces a huge amount of the world’s manufactured goods. Despite its growing economic success and emergence as a world superpower, China faces social problems such as economic inequality and human rights concerns. The Chinese government strictly controls the religious groups of the country. The five religious groups (Buddhism, Daoism, Islam, Protestantism, and Catholicism) are monitored by the government. It is said that many Christians in China worship secretly in house churches because the government strictly regulates Christian churches. However, religious freedoms have increased in the past decade or so, and some are cautiously optimistic for the future.