Cherrydale Baptist Church Ministry to Immigrants

Cherrydale Baptist Church Ministry to Immigrants

By Ed Grudier


How are local churches responding to the Great Commission opportunity that comes with immigrants, refugees and international students arriving in their communities? That was the question presented at the Church Connection Tour in five cities during the month of June 2014 by Missio Nexus.

From their website: “We had a total of 414 people attend the tour. We had a total of 225 organizations represented in the five cities (including churches). Approximately 100 of those were churches; most of the remaining 125 were mission organizations although some of them were colleges/seminaries. We met with fellow pastors, church planters and mission leaders at this one-day event to explore approaches, resources and partnerships for developing church-based ministry to immigrants, refugees and international students. A Case Study provided from the 2014 Missio Nexus tour in Toronto, Ontario.”


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