Chad is a landlocked country in northern-central Africa. Chad is south of Libya and west of Sudan. Chad’s economy is largely agricultural, but economic progress is hampered by Chad’s distance from the sea and lack of rainfall.

Quick Facts

Population: 15.833 million
Ethnic Groups: Sara/Ngambaye/Madjingaye/Mbaye (30.5%), Kanembu/Bornu/Buduma (9.8%), Arab (9.7%), Wadai/Maba/Masalit/Mimi (7.0%), Gorane (5.8%), Masa/Musseye/Musgum (4.9%), Bulala/Medogo/Kuka (3.7%), Marba/Lele/Mesme (3.5%), Mundang (2.7%) , Bidiyo/Migaama/Kenga/Dangleat (2.5%), Dadjo/Kibet/Muro (2.4%), Tupuri/Kera (2.0%), Gabri/Kabalaye/Nanchere/Somrai (2.0%), Fulani/Fulbe/Bodore (1.8%), Karo/Zime/Peve (1.3%), Baguirmi/Barma (1.2%), Zaghawa/Bideyat/Kobe (1.1%), Tama/Assongori/Mararit (1.1%), Mesmedje/Massalat/Kadjakse (0.8%), other Chadian ethnicities (3.4%), Chadians of foreign ethnicities (0.9%), Foreign nationals (0.3%), Unspecified (1.7%)
Languages: French (Official), Arabic (Official), Sara (Southern Chad), more than 120 different languages and dialects
Religions: Muslim (52.1%), Protestant (23.9%), Catholic (20%), Animist (0.3%), other Christian (0.2%), None (2.8%), Unspecified (0.7%)
Capital: N’Djamena
CIA: The World Factbook — Last Updated December 29, 2019

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Chad’s economy is underdeveloped, so most Chadians work in the subsistence sector (farming, herding, and fishing). Although Chad is a Muslim-majority nation in which Muslims dominate the government and army, the government is truly secular and there is freedom of religion. Many Muslims in Chad adhere to their Islamic beliefs very closely. For example, during the month of Ramadan when Muslims are to fast from sunrise to sunset, some Muslims will not even swallow their saliva. Other religions in Chad include Christianity and traditional African religion (animism). Religion plays a significant role in Chadian culture, and Muslim and Christian holidays are celebrated with more enthusiasm than secular ones.