Barbados is an island country in the Caribbean Sea. It has an area of 430 square kilometers (166 square miles). Barbados’ tourism industry, which benefits from its tropical maritime climate, is an important part of the Barbadian economy.

Quick Facts

Population: 293,131
Ethnic Groups: Black (92.4%), White (2.7%), Mixed (3.1%), East Indian (1.3%),  Other (0.2%), Unspecified (0.2%)
Languages: English (Official), Bajan (English-based creole language; widely spoken in informal settings)
Religions: Protestant (66.4%), Roman Catholic (3.8%), other Christian (5.4%), Rastafarian (1%), Other (1.5%), None (20.6%), Unspecified (1.2%)
Capital: Bridgetown
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Barbadians/Bajans in Canada

Barbadian/Bajan Population in Canada


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Barbados is one of the most prosperous Caribbean islands and enjoys political, economic and social stability. Barbados is mostly Christian, largely as a result of its British heritage. Although religion has been losing some of its influence as of late, it continues playing an important role in society — for example, school days often begin with a prayer. Other religious groups in Barbados, such as Muslims and Hindus, are largely made up of immigrants. There is complete freedom of religion in Barbados.