Algeria is located in northern Africa and is the second largest country on the continent. It borders the Mediterranean Sea, and fishing is extensive along the coast. Algeria shares borders with Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Libya, and Tunisia.

Quick Facts

Population: 41.657 million
Ethnic Groups: Arab-Berber (99%), European (Less than 1%)
Languages: Arabic (official), French and Berber dialects
Religions: Sunni Muslim (Official) (99%), Other (<1%)
Capital: Algiers
CIA: The World Factbook — Last Updated December 29, 2019

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Algeria achieved independence from France in 1962. For more than 25 years, it was governed by socialists backed by the army. A civil war broke out in the 1990s between the government and the Islamist militants following the 1992 elections won by the Islamists. The government has been making many concessions to Islamists. Today, religious freedoms are on the decline while persecution is on the rise. Almost the entire population is Muslim, and non-Muslim worship is banned.

In the past decades, Algeria has made great strides in improving healthcare and education, but many social problems remain. Human trafficking, religious persecution, and violence persist.